Turning dreams into reality? (They’re already real).

img155“It wasn’t real, it was only a dream.”

If you’re one to say this or allow yourself to be influenced by others who do, you do yourself a great disservice! By reducing your dreams (or anyone else’s) to something “unreal” you are training yourself to disconnect from the most amazing and immediate source of personal power.

Dreams are extremely powerful, and we are creative and powerful in and through them. In dreams we dare to test ourselves, to create experience and discover we can guide the outcome.

Never fear your dreams. Whether you find yourself in a nightmare or a beautiful paradise, trust that you have put yourself there for a reason. To learn lessons. Resolve issues. Reassure yourself. Remember. Inspire. In dreams we are all adventurers and explorers in worlds we either invent or invite. We can tap into higher consciousness, other dimensions, other lives and perspectives, and uncharted territory. We sing and dance, discover we can play musical instruments or scale mountains. We take fantastic journeys. We run with wolves. We fly! And we work things out. We solve problems. We witness our own inner healing.

In dreams we broaden our understanding of what is possible – of what is – without even getting out of bed, and all by our own design. I think that’s pretty amazing – and most of the time it’s pretty entertaining, too! I love the dream state. I look forward to my dreams each night the way other people look forward to a favorite TV show.

You see, reality is not limited to waking consciousness or to things that happen on the physical plane. In dreams you experience yourself as a fully conscious being. You have sensations. You think about what’s occurring, and wonder what it all means. That’s you in there, whether you’re actively involved or observing from the sidelines. Either way it’s your show to own.

There are definite steps to fully engaging the beautiful creative power of your dream state. First and foremost you may need to revise the way you think about dreams in general. That’s quite easy, and it boils down to semantics. Consider the difference between what is real and what is concrete. A dream may not be a concrete experience, but if it inspires, reassures, frightens, provokes an emotional response of any kind, or a physical sensation, then it is a real experience. If it leaves you with new ideas or perceptions or memories, with a story you can tell, or a sense of wonder or relief or resolution, if it leaves you feeling changed in any way – ask yourself: what could be more real than that?

When you accept the validity, the realness, of all your dreams – the most bizarre, beautiful, terrifying, exhilarating, tragic, joyous, or mundane – when you recognize that you are the one creating and shaping these experiences, then you are connecting with your own limitless vision and creativity. That is your ultimate power and your most essential, and it will be your constant companion if you allow it to be. It will shift right along with you from your dream state into waking life, where you are equally free to create and realize whatever you may dream for yourself there.