Go! (Only not so fast)

RWS MagicianEclipses get things moving, flowing, unstuck, so if you’ve been feeling at all stuck or sluggish in recent weeks, today’s solar eclipse in Virgo presents a perfect moment to turn that around. Yet to work with eclipse energy it’s always a good idea to look before you leap, and this theme is emphasized today by the Mercury retrograde that’s also going on in Virgo. Rest assured the energy will still be with us tomorrow; taking a little extra care before you forge ahead will go a long way toward making sure you’re prepared to meet whatever it is you want to manifest.

Your actions don’t have to be grandiose to have an impact, so there’s no need to rush headlong into action if you haven’t fully organized yourself yet; in fact, that can backfire – something I learned the hard way.

Many years ago I opened a small restaurant. Traffic was light for the first couple of months, so one day I decided I’d invite absolutely everyone I spoke with to come try the food some time. There was an eclipse that day, and I thought I’d work with it. To my astonishment, every single person I spoke with showed up to eat that very night, plus a flood of new customers I’d never seen. Talk about getting things flowing! I should have been thrilled but, to my horror, they all showed up at once. Of course we were caught unprepared and couldn’t cook and serve fast enough. Dishes flew, nerves frayed, patience was lost, and a few customers, too; it was trial by fire.

That was the first time I’d ever thought to test the power of an eclipse, and though I used it successfully to generate traffic, I hadn’t thought to prepare for my own success. Be sure of what you wish for, and be prepared to meet it head on. Lesson learned.

Make no mistake, an eclipse is a powerful event. Today’s eclipse is concurrent with an astonishing number of planetary alignments, making it a real powerhouse. I’ve chosen to focus on the most elemental; these will seem the least abstract and most readily accessible, and they’re energies to work with right now.

A total eclipse is a conjunction of the Earth, Moon and Sun in a straight line – our outer and inner selves in perfect alignment with one another and with the source of life. Today’s takes place in earth sign Virgo, whose main themes are healing, service, and self-care – the issues of the sixth house. Simultaneously there’s a conjunction of retrograde Mercury with Jupiter, also in Virgo, which is one of the signs of Mercury’s rulership. (The other is Gemini). Mercury is the planet of communication (emphasizing writing in Virgo) and the analytical mind, and retrogrades – regardless of what sign they take place in – always tell us to slow down and review things carefully before making a move or commitment. With Jupiter involved, there’s an emphasis on matters of spirituality, inner and outer growth, opportunities for expansion of yourself, your mind, your soul, your very world and, given Virgo’s involvement, healing, care, nurturing, and service to yourself and others. Giving yourself and others what is wanted and supportive, or at the very least expressing those things if you haven’t. Do you begin to sense the possibilities? It could be as big as launching a major project or as intimate as writing someone to let them know they’re remembered.

Nurturing and self-care come in all forms – physical, spiritual, emotional, material, financial, creative, and so forth. If you’re certain what it is you’d like to manifest, today’s eclipse is the time to take some kind of action, while Mercury retrograde reminds you to make sure you’re ready to meet what you manifest. If you’re not so certain what that might be, let your action right now be to figure it out, put a name to it, and write it down. That simple step is enough to get the ball rolling.


Posted on September 1, 2016