Six of Pentacles (Jupiter Enters Libra)

Jupiter enters Libra today, inviting a shift in the way we expand ourselves, our world, and our consciousness from Virgo’s sixth-house focus on self-care and duty to an appreciation for balance and beauty, especially in our individual relationships – the issues of the seventh house that is Libra’s natural domain. The next thirteen months will be a time to explore and appreciate how you relate one-to-one with everyone in your life. This can be a time to cultivate beautiful relationships, and to grow through them. Begin with those who are most special to you – your actual partnerships, whether romantic, social, or professional. From there extend your awareness to how you view, appreciate, and relate to the wider world – to all people as individuals – and allow yourself to notice as the gentle influence of Venus – goddess of love, beauty, fertility/prosperity, and the pleasure of sex – colors your perception of the people around you.

Though certainly pleasure-oriented (and what better quality for our relationships than pleasure!), Venus isn’t about reckless abandon. Under the influence of air-sign Libra she maintains her sense of balance. That’s especially important in professional relationships. Keep in mind that “balance” doesn’t mean “exactly equal.” It implies appropriateness to circumstances, and a sense of fair play. What is right in each situation, creating a win-win dynamic in which each person in a relationship can receive what they need or value, and be appreciated for their own gifts and contributions. That kind of harmony really is a beautiful thing.

rws-six-of-pentaclesFor a good example of Jupiter in Libra in action in daily experience, look to the Six of Pentacles. As you look at the image, notice that though money flows only to the person on the left, the scales are level. The other’s needs, whatever they may be, will also be met (and the “other” includes the standing figure as well).

At face value Pentacles deal with money matters, but they are about all resources; context determines the specific meaning. Number six carries a vibration of love and equity, which recognizes differences as part of the equation. The idea is not to create two identical beings or situations, but to create a balanced whole through complement. Whether driven by contractual obligation or heartfelt sentiment, one may have a need to give as much as another may need to receive.

Who are you in this card? Are your current needs emotional, material, physical, spiritual? Whatever your answer, when the Six of Pentacles appears upright, you are being both assured and reminded of what is balanced and fair, of your needs being met and agreements being honored.


Posted on September 9, 2016