After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing

I’m guessing you’re either on a wild emotional ride this week or noticing others around you who are. If you’re particularly centered right now, you could be the calm at the eye of the storm and that’s good, because a lot of people’s emotions need calming this week. The sky has been a real pressure cooker that will peak with tomorrow’s lunar eclipse in Pisces – though for many people, the pressure’s already been too much to bear; I’ve been witnessing and hearing about plenty of unusual explosions and meltdowns this week.












A lunar eclipse adds extra pressure to the Full Moon’s monthly goading of our inner selves to come out and break loose. Depending on what sign a Full Moon occurs in, plus whatever else is going on in the sky, the pressure behind that urge can feel giddy and fun, or it can feel like you’re a stuck pincushion that someone’s just sat on.  Tomorrow’s event is in Pisces, watery sign of the twelfth house, the house of “things hidden” or “things unseen” – unseen, but experienced nonetheless, and at the deepest level.

In the twelfth house, the end of the zodiac, we make contact with past lives and deep ancient roots and future selves and cosmic knowing, all in the great Void beyond the physical realm. It’s an interior place that provokes awe and compassion, or terror, or madness, or some of each. Why on Earth would we go there!?! Because we are driven to know ourselves fully, whether we like it or not. You can’t know where you’re going unless you understand where you’ve already been. It’s part of the ride. The twelfth house offers space for a kind of deep summing up – in order to let go – before beginning a new life cycle (or next incarnation) in the first house.

In tomorrow’s eclipse the Pisces Moon will be conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron points toward whatever needs healing, and its placement, how to approach it, so the way to heal now is through this watery, wobbly, emotional sign and its house. These events are all part of a grand cross, in which four or more objects are at 90° angles to one another in the sky. Square angles create tension, and here we’ve got four of them (thus the term “grand cross”), piling more tension on top of an already tense event. Fiery Mars, the planet of inner drive directed outward through physical expression, is forming part of the grand cross in fire sign Sagittarius. The drive right now is to find, embody, and express your personal, philosophical truth.

This could be exhausting! But the cards show a way to weather this tension-filled astrology, and what you can expect on the other side of it.

rws_tarot_16_towerThe Tower is that inevitable, peak explosive moment when you must break away from the status quo or are broken from it whether you like it or not; the impossibility of a situation has reached critical mass, a disturbing truth is revealed. The revelation, the breaking away, can be wildly dramatic – as in a highly charged emotional scene – or not. It may involve wailing, weeping, finally taking a stand (which for many people can be daunting), lashing out in a fury (or severing ties with ice cold precision), breaking away from a job, a relationship, your family, your gender identity, anything – or being severed from them. Whatever the circumstances, this is the kind of break that will alter the course of things to come.

rws-hanged-manThe Hanged Man says surrender to the situation, not in the sense of giving up, but of giving in. Suddenly you’re in new territory; allow yourself some time and space to simply be in it. In such an emotionally charged environment, the temptation is to surrender to the emotion, and in Pisces we feel that need deeply. But that cathartic moment has already come; that’s the breaking point of the Tower. The Hanged Man here is saying allow yourself to accept that you’ve arrived at a big turning point, there’s no turning back, so surrender to it without drama. This isn’t a suggestion to deny your feelings (!), but to not hyper-focus on them, either, nor on everything that may or may not come next. The situation is so new and unknown, allow yourself to just be present in the moment without judgement or worrying about what to do; inspiration comes when we’re not actively looking for it.

Like it or not, you’ve just faced and shed old beliefs or a situation that no longer served you. This can feel terrible at first, really exhausting or frightening, until you tap into the liberation that comes with it. Really, you’ve been set free. This revelation is the Hanged Man’s gift, enabling you to see your new beginning with the promise, hope, and optimism of The Star.

rws-starI love this card! She is peacefully alone, sure of herself and at one with Nature. With one leg resting on the ground and another atop the watery realm of emotions and the unconscious, she is mindful and appreciative of the needs of each, and of the importance of tending them equally. The Star pours an endless flow of soothing, life-giving waters onto both; she is her own, undepletable source of cleansing and replenishment. Chiron pushed you through this cathartic eclipse, but The Star is waiting for you on the other side, and she is the gentlest of healers. Washing your wounds, not picking at them, is the way forward now.


Posted on September 15, 2016


  1. This was very moving and spoke volumes to me about where I am currently. It’s been a tough work but this brings a lot of much needed clarity to the last few days. Keep ’em coming Janet- they are very appreciated! ❤

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