Clearing the Past, Building the Future



There is something to be done now – a project, a new plan for living or of being in the world – and it brings you closer to your personal truth, the essence of who you are becoming and what you really want. This is something you’ve been working on, and although it might not yet look like much, you have been laying the groundwork and making real progress toward this moment. You know what it is – at least you have the main idea, if not yet fully fleshed out plans, plus a knowing, a gut feeling that it’s going to work. Also that it’s time to move things along. This you’ve been doing, if slowly. There are still times when it feels like something is holding you back ever so slightly. Something small, vague, internal, invisible, and probably quite distant, that muddles your thinking now and then, or makes you wonder whether you’ll really succeed.

rws-six-of-cupsThat invisible thing, that little bit of hesitation, is residue from a time when your sense of self was not yet fully developed, or came under attack in the guise of security. But that’s not who you are. You’ve recognized that some of the feelings you internalized about certain defining experiences, whether painful or comforting, are not really yours, and that they no longer serve you.

rws-ace-of-swordsThere are moments when we discover we are ready to simply walk away from that which no longer serves us. Right now you are not only walking away from something that doesn’t serve you, but toward something quite different that does – and it is your own. You see the past for what it was, and how much or how little it need affect you anymore. Here the Ace of Swords literally says you have the maturity, wisdom, and the opportunity now to cut through old patterns, redefine yourself, and redesign your plan for living. This is a pivotal moment.

There may be some readjusting involved. The prospect of taking on a new kind of responsibility for yourself and by yourself may still feel a little overwhelming at times, and that can cause confusion. But that is an illusion. It’s clear you know how to get the job done. You arrived at this moment because of something you wanted and put in motion, and things are really beginning to fall into place.

rws-knight-of-pentaclesThe Knight of Pentacles is a skilled and steady builder. He focuses squarely on his objective, in service now to his own ideals which he has sewn with care into the fields below. At each phase of work completed, he sits back to appreciate the work so far, and to examine it for any needed adjustments. He is a true craftsman; his is work not only done, but done well, and with earthy, hands-on, Taurean pleasure. His action now is to be patient and trust in the value of his preparations. He likes doing the work, and he knows it will pay off.

The past no longer needs to distract you from what you are building for yourself; you’re releasing old wounds and you have come very far, though in a way you’re only just getting started. Keep your focus on the goal in front of you. Pay attention to what needs doing and when, to the importance of a measured but flexible approach. With each slight adjustment your plans are coming into sharper focus. You are taking responsibility for your own life with a sure hand now, and in so doing you have prepared a firm but flexible foundation on which to build it. Like the Knight, you will reap the rewards of your skilled and patient preparation.

Posted on September 28, 2016


  1. Well Janet, that just said EVERYTHING which is going on in this very exciting and nervewracking moment! Lovely, elegant and carefully crafted words to help me slow down and reflect carefully on it all. ❤

    • Thanks, Greta! Yes, you can pause now to fine tune; as your plans take shape they will also gather a lot of steam, and it’s best to be prepared for that surge of energy. xo

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