Love Yourself, Not Your Selfies (Venus Rx in Aries)

Have you noticed a shift in the way you feel about yourself lately? The way you see yourself, or think about the person you are? By “shift” I mean improvement. Has it become easier, more appealing, to take good care of your inner and outer selves for real? If you can answer yes, then you’re feeling the effect of the current Venus retrograde in Aries, and hats off to you for going with the energetic flow.

If you’ve upped your selfie output, that doesn’t count. In fact, that’s the exact opposite of what this transit has been guiding you to do, so if that’s where you’re at, then a good exercise right now might be to see whether you can resist announcing every detail of your day on social media, say, through the end of this retrograde. (If that sounds tough, definitely accept the challenge). It’s time for something more authentic.

In the natural zodiac, Aries rules the first house, that of the Self – as in self-awareness, self-assurance, self-consciousness. The ego, identity,  the “I am” presence. Here I am. I exist, I belong, I have a right to be and to feel good about that. But do I?

Rie Rasmussen & Jamel Debbouze in “Angel-A” (Luc Besson, dir.)

For so many reasons, the most difficult intimacy challenge for many people is with themselves. But this month Venus has been helping you soften your inner critic. On her glide backwards through Aries, the goddess of love and beauty has been inviting you to see yourself with a more balanced perspective, to know what is truly beautiful about you at your very core, to love and care for your less-than-perfect self, and to notice that the world responds in kind. That’s nice.

Venus retrograde in Aries says you need look no further than your own self, not your selfies, for love and approbation. That’s your birthright. All else flows from that. So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, the conditions are still perfect now to tune out all distractions – including the ones of your own making – to strip away your masks, look deeply into your eyes and deeper into your soul, and embrace yourself the way you would a precious newborn. Allow yourself to accept your right to be with love, no excuses, and no explanations – not to anyone, and least of all not to you.

Posted on March 29, 2017