Venus rx in Aries: Who loves you, baby?

Have you noticed a shift in the way you feel about yourself lately? The way you see yourself, or think about the person you are? By “shift” I mean improvement. Has it become easier, more appealing, to take good care of your inner and outer selves for real? If you can answer yes, then you’re feeling the effect of the current Venus retrograde in Aries, and hats off to you for going with the energetic flow. Continue reading “Venus rx in Aries: Who loves you, baby?”

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After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing

I’m guessing you’re either on a wild emotional ride this week or noticing others around you who are. If you’re particularly centered right now, you could be the calm at the eye of the storm and that’s good, because a lot of people’s emotions need calming this week. The sky has been a real pressure cooker that will peak with tomorrow’s lunar eclipse in Pisces – though for many people, the pressure’s already been too much to bear; I’ve been witnessing and hearing about plenty of unusual explosions and meltdowns this week.












A lunar eclipse adds extra pressure to the Full Moon’s monthly goading of our inner selves to come out and break loose. Depending on what sign a Full Moon occurs in, plus whatever else is going on in the sky, the pressure behind that urge can feel giddy and fun, or it can feel like you’re a stuck pincushion that someone’s just sat on.  Tomorrow’s event is in Pisces, watery sign of the twelfth house, the house of “things hidden” or “things unseen” – unseen, but experienced nonetheless, and at the deepest level. Continue reading “After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing”

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Six of Pentacles: Jupiter Enters Libra

Jupiter enters Libra today, inviting a shift in the way we expand ourselves, our world, and our consciousness from Virgo’s sixth-house focus on self-care and duty to an appreciation for balance and beauty, especially in our individual relationships – the issues of the seventh house that is Libra’s natural domain. The next thirteen months will be a time Continue reading “Six of Pentacles: Jupiter Enters Libra”


Eclipse Says “Go!” (Retrograde Says “First Dot Your i’s”)

RWS MagicianEclipses get things moving, flowing, unstuck, so if you’ve been feeling at all stuck or sluggish in recent weeks, today’s solar eclipse in Virgo presents a perfect moment to turn that around. Yet to work with eclipse energy it’s always a good idea to look before you leap, and this theme is emphasized today by the Mercury retrograde that’s also going on in Virgo. Rest assured the energy will still be with us tomorrow; taking a little extra care before you forge ahead will go a long way toward making sure you’re prepared to meet whatever it is you want to manifest.

Your actions don’t have to be grandiose to have an impact, so there’s no need to rush headlong into action if you haven’t fully organized yourself yet; in fact, that can backfire – something I learned the hard way. Continue reading “Eclipse Says “Go!” (Retrograde Says “First Dot Your i’s”)”