Clearing the Past, Building the Future



There is something to be done now – a project, a new plan for living or of being in the world – and it brings you closer to your personal truth, the essence of who you are becoming and what you really want. This is something you’ve been working on, and although it might not yet look like much, you have been laying the groundwork and making real progress toward this moment. You know what it is – at least you have the main idea, if not yet fully fleshed out plans, plus a knowing, a gut feeling that it’s going to work. Also that it’s time to move things along. This you’ve been doing, if slowly. There are still times when it feels like something is holding you back ever so slightly. Something small, vague, internal, invisible, and probably quite distant, that muddles your thinking now and then, or makes you wonder whether you’ll really succeed. Continue reading “Clearing the Past, Building the Future”

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After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing

I’m guessing you’re either on a wild emotional ride this week or noticing others around you who are. If you’re particularly centered right now, you could be the calm at the eye of the storm and that’s good, because a lot of people’s emotions need calming this week. The sky has been a real pressure cooker that will peak with tomorrow’s lunar eclipse in Pisces – though for many people, the pressure’s already been too much to bear; I’ve been witnessing and hearing about plenty of unusual explosions and meltdowns this week.












A lunar eclipse adds extra pressure to the Full Moon’s monthly goading of our inner selves to come out and break loose. Depending on what sign a Full Moon occurs in, plus whatever else is going on in the sky, the pressure behind that urge can feel giddy and fun, or it can feel like you’re a stuck pincushion that someone’s just sat on.  Tomorrow’s event is in Pisces, watery sign of the twelfth house, the house of “things hidden” or “things unseen” – unseen, but experienced nonetheless, and at the deepest level. Continue reading “After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing”

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Six of Pentacles: Jupiter Enters Libra

Jupiter enters Libra today, inviting a shift in the way we expand ourselves, our world, and our consciousness from Virgo’s sixth-house focus on self-care and duty to an appreciation for balance and beauty, especially in our individual relationships – the issues of the seventh house that is Libra’s natural domain. The next thirteen months will be a time Continue reading “Six of Pentacles: Jupiter Enters Libra”


Treat The Tarot Like Robert Redford

If this guy had something he wanted to tell me, I'd sure listen.
If this guy were trying to tell me something, you bet I’d listen.

I watched Robert Redford one time suffer an interview so frustrating, I couldn’t believe he got through it without blowing his stack.  We were at a screening of a film he’d just directed, and the auditorium was packed with independent filmmakers. Robert Redford knows how to give a good interview and, let’s face it, he’s Robert Redford. As you’d imagine, everyone was pretty eager to hear what he had to say for himself. Continue reading “Treat The Tarot Like Robert Redford”