What’s in your NATAL ASTROLOGY?

Your natal chart is an exquisite, fluid blueprint of your unique role on the planet, of your soul’s path and purpose.

You are a beautiful being. Astrology helps you see with clarity your personal strengths and challenges, how they are best expressed (and in which areas of life), the greater purpose behind them, and the unique combination of tools – your innate talents, gifts, perspectives, temperament – you have at your disposal to exploit and master in the grounded context of daily life.

in the balance

Understanding your personal astrology can be grounding and deeply healing, encouraging feelings of harmony and self-empowerment. Repeated behaviors and situations that persist or keep recurring guide us to the places where we hold blockages that may stem from ancestral patterns or personal trauma. Your natal chart can reveal themes and point to their origins so they can be addressed with greater clarity and purpose.

When our natal gifts and challenges are identified, understood, and given context, they become more available – we can guide ourselves toward self-mastery with greater ease and confidence in our choices.

A thorough analysis of your birth chart helps you define and place yourself, offering invaluable insights into your purpose and personality that will literally last you a lifetime.

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Banner photo: © Ellen Romm Lampert 2016