TAROT Readings

The Tarot is a powerful divinatory tool that can help any person tune into their surroundings, their own inner voice and the wisdom of higher consciousness.

With surprising speed and accuracy, tarot readings can reveal the shape, tone, and essence of events that are manifesting in your life and in your soul, helping you see and understand the conditions of your environment and your place within it. Typically we like to turn to the tarot to answer more immediate or mundane questions about life and current situations of personal concern.

Contrary to the belief of many, the cards don’t “create” the future (or anything, for that matter). They divine it, define the environment in which situations will unfold, and their potential consequences. As your reader I combine tarot knowledge with intuitive skills to receive, synthesize, and translate these impressions into useful information for you.

Despite the remarkable accuracy of a good tarot reading, the future is not cast in stone. You always have a hand in shaping your life, even – or especially! – when it might seem otherwise, and the tarot is also useful for helping shape strategies.

The tarot helps you contemplate situations and how to meet them.

Life can throw curves, but also golden opportunities. Typically, readings are framed to help you prepare for events of the present or the not-too-distant future so you can embrace opportunities, meet challenges, resolve problems, or rest assured you’re already on the right track. Readings can also be framed to help you see the present in relation to past experience, or in whatever way is best suited to your questions.

I will never simply tell you what’s on the horizon, but how to meet it. My reading is a full consultation; once we’ve identified and understood your situation, additional spreads help you clarify, explore and choose effective strategies (provided you wish to do so). Ultimately it is you who will define and shape your life, and the tarot is there to support you – as am I.

The tarot is also a valuable tool for personal growth.

Tarot readings can help identify deeper themes or issues that are asking for your attention. Used this way, the cards help you contemplate your inner state of mind and being, opening the gateways to personal truths and transformation.

Choose the right practitioner for your needs, style, and expectations.

My aim as your tarot consultant is to interpret free of bias and to offer ethical, empowering support by helping you recognize opportunities, navigate challenges, and formulate strategies for living, whether in a specific situation or moment in time or in the search for general guidance or expanded self-knowledge.