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“She is my astrology and tarot guru. Janet is a breath of fresh air… Her tarot readings are very in depth, insightful, accurate and knowledgeable. She wants you to truly understand the information she has for you and opens up doors you didn’t even know existed.”

Greta Weller

“I was impressed by her deep and thorough knowledge and understanding of my natal chart, by the connections she made and by her explanation of how these connections influence my life. All she said I could relate to, and was spot on. Janet also uses her intuition, and her readings are profound and complete. I could see she has great knowledge.”

Martina B.

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I’m guessing you’re either on a wild emotional ride this week or noticing others around you who are. If you’re particularly centered right now, you could be the calm at the eye of the storm and that’s good, because a lot of people’s emotions need calming this week. The sky has been a real pressure … Continue reading After the Grand Cross Lunar Eclipse, A Gentle Landing

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