What do you see on your horizon?

Opportunity is defined by how well you prepare and react in changing circumstances. The better you understand your options, yourself, and above all, your deeper purpose, the more likely you are to make decisions and meet opportunity – your life – with a greater sense of security and enthusiasm!

I believe enthusiastically in helping guide you toward self-awareness, -realization and -mastery, and toward greater understanding of yourself in universal context, so you can live and move more joyfully in the world.

In your consultation my primary physical tools are the tarot and astrology. Each has unique applications and benefits that are mutually supportive. Both are extremely effective. My strength is the ability to extract and synthesize coherent, cohesive themes and messages from either, about the larger and subtler issues informing your life – past, present and future.

I take a holistic approach to the process, blending book knowledge, telepathic impressions, interpretive skills, and common sense, to receive and relay information and insight with sensitivity to you as an individual.

“Everything you need is already inside you: all experience, all wisdom.
You hold all knowledge.”

My mission is to help you see your choices with greater clarity and confidence.

I’ve read the tarot and natal charts for over twenty years, giving clear readings and helpful guidance on questions large and small. I attribute my reputation for accurate, insightful interpretation to years of dedicated ongoing study and personal development, an open mind, and the wisdom of life experience, bolstered by the native intuition I have learned to recognize, trust, and embrace in my personal life and practice.

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